Taking It Personally with Rob Belushi

By Dallas Comedy Festival (other events)

Thursday, September 18 2014 6:30 PM 8:30 PM

TAKING IT PERSONALLY: Emotional Vulnerability as the Foundation of Long Form Improv 

At the core of Improvisation is the idea, ʺtogether we can build something more interesting than I can write on my own.ʺ In this workshop we will look at the importance of emotional resonance in our improv, using a foundation of vulnerability as a means to discovering truly unique scene work that is more satisfying to the audience, but more importantly, to us as artists. The day will be focused around the idea of ʺlosingʺ in the scene, as opposed to winning, or being funny or sounding smart--the focus will revolve around ʺexposure.ʺ We will investigate what it means to expose ourselves to each other, and the audience and further our ability to make choices with impact as well as humor, as opposed to another scene with two priests riding a space pickle, or whatever. The idea that there is a ʺrightʺ choice is sometimes instinctual and leads us to an attitude of control in our scenes, and in this workshop we will try less to ʺcreate,ʺ and more to deal with what is already right in front of us on stage.

ROB BELUSHI is an actor/improvisor based of Los Angeles.  He's best known for his work in Sorority Row, One Small Hitch, and Valentine's Day.  He performs all over the country with his improv partner, Jon Barinholtz. He and Jon just wrapped their first season of their Comedy Central series: PIE GUYS, which premieres in September. He also just wrapped a Gatorade campaign, where he co-starred with Peyton Manning. Check it out HERE. And since you asked, his dad's name is Jim.