2018 DCF Workshop: Playing Moment to Moment with Ollie Hobson (iO)

By Dallas Comedy Festival (other events)

Saturday, March 31 2018 2:00 PM 4:00 PM

Playing Moment to Moment with Ollie Hobson (iO) 
This class will focus on starting scenes right away (before you have a chance to get in your head!), discovering and expanding your characters through action, and working on letting each moment in a scene carry over to the next.

Ollie Hobson is an improviser and teacher from Chicago who has trained at iO, Second City and The Annoyance Theater. He currently coaches at CiC Theater as well as iO Theater where he recently won a Del Award for "Best Coach". He currently performs with The Late 90s at iO, with The Falls at CiC, and with his two person team Ginger Price. He is delighted to be back in Dallas for DCF!

You can see Ollie at #2018DCF on Friday & Saturday night at 7:30, performing with The Late 90's