Bad Manners, Better Scenes w/Jon Barinholtz

By Dallas Comedy Festival (other events)

Thursday, September 18 2014 6:30 PM 8:30 PM

How often do you find yourself lost onstage as you search to find out what the scene you are in is about and what your scene partner is doing? Most often our initial instruction in improvisation teaches us to be selfless in order to best serve the scene. However, more often than not, this leads to ambiguity and lack of decision making in our scene work. In this workshop we will learn that the most important thing we can do to help our scene partners, and the scene itself, is to take care of ourselves first. By employing these themes into our work, we will find more consistent success, and more importantly, we will experience a higher level of freedom, allowing us more satisfaction in our work.  (You can see Jon's show that same night. CLICK HERE for show tix!

JON BARINHOLTZ was born and raised in Chicago and is a proud alum of The Second City Conservatory, iO, The Annoyance Theatre, and Steppenwolf Theatre. Jon moved to Los Angeles in the Summer of ’09 where he enjoys performing with his sketch and video group Sad On Vacation ( and in various improv shows all over the city, with Sheldon (Comedy Central Stage, Chicago Improv Fest) being his favorite. You might have seen Jon on the old TV (television) on The New Girl (Fox), Parks and Recreation (NBC), Happy Endings (ABC), Getting On (HBO), Key and Peele (Comedy Central) and in the upcoming shows, The McCarthys (CBS) and Pie Guys (Comedy Central).  Also, keep an eye out for Jon this Fall in Dumb and Dumb Too (Universal).   Jon wants you to know at one point in his life he thought he had a chance to play in the NBA, and was very wrong about that thought.